Saturday, July 01, 2006

More Speculation based on Job openings.

In the Skeeter's last post we were trying to help predict where High Tech was going by researching the Job postings from the companies listed in Wired magazine's top 40 High Tech companies. But we only scratched the surface, and you know how Mosquito's hate scratching...
so let’s continue down the list a bit.

#13 Electronic Arts
If you notice that I've been passing up a number of companies in the Wired top 40 it is because some of these other companies are just too dull to write about, fortunately Electronic Arts is always worth talking about and in the job department it is no exception. As of today they have 247 jobs open in North America which is no too shabby. It appears that their 1-million member plus game site is really going to town hiring with lots of jobs for Java and C++ developers. The ads talk about expanding into new markets besides the PC downloadable and cell phone markets, so perhaps we will see them expanding into the MP3 players like the iPod that are capable of playing games.

Another job at EA is for a Investor Relations Associate now the text of the job is what is interesting here "...manage the perceptions of investors, analysts and other financial market influences in order to drive sustainable, dependable shareholder value of EA as a publicly traded company." For some reason when I read this my mind flashed back to Joe Izuzu's promises in the late 1980's. Now granted EA is a really excellent company, but still am I the only one that gets a little queasy reading this?

#12 Cisco
(and you thought I was going in numerical order)
650 jobs around the globe show up in today's job list. Only things you love can come out of Cisco and now I can prove it because they are ramping up on project Herbie otherwise known to Lindsay Lohan and to the rest of us as "The LOVE bug". Herbie is Cisco's next generation Network Management Platform. Herbie though really wouldn't be special if he wasn't a bug, so wouldn't it kind of be sacrilegious for Cisco to work on debugging Herbie?

Cisco is also trying to find a Linux guru with the following question: "Do you want to be part of Cisco's next generation Audio/Video system that will change the whole industry?" So if this isn't just hype we should all be on the lookout for a cool AV system coming out of Cisco in the not two distant future.

#16 Medtronic
It looks like they have a new implantable medicine delivery system in the works with this posting. It is with the group that works with obesity, so perhaps they are working on something that is safer then gastric bypass surgery. This could be really good news for lots of American's that are trying to lose weight but just can't. After all not everyone can afford a personal trainer to help them lose 60+ pounds like Janet Jackson has recently done.

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Friday, June 30, 2006

One of the easiest ways to figure out what is up with the bad boys of high tech is to just to go to their websites and rake through their job postings. Sometimes it’s a wonder that these companies don't make you sign a Non-Disclosure agreement just to look at their listings.

Lets start this first entry by taking a look at a few of the companies in Wired Magazines latest list of the their picks for the top 40 movers and shakers in High Tech

#2 Apple -

  • Looks like they run the company on Unix. In this case its Sun's Solaris OS, but I guess those years of using POWER-PC chips from IBM helped get AIX into Cupertino Kids crawlspace...
  • Another post is looking for a Senior Product Quality Manager for the iPod. Whew! I'm glad to hear this. In my family we have had three iPods that have died in the last year. Apple was always good about making things right for us though, but it would have been nicer if they would have been a bit more durably constructed.
  • Speaking of the iPod it also looks like they are getting serious about cutting down the power requirements for the displays that they use in order to increase battery life. Go Apple!

#5 Yahoo! -

  • With 671 job openings right now we were bound to find something interesting and we did! Look out Eharmony Yahoo is planning on getting serious about all those lonely hearts out there with the addition of a new Product Manager. Looks like it pays to be single at Yahoo as the job calls for someone that "Must be user of social media tools". Lets hope the pedophiles cruising don't learn about this job or we could see very strange match ups coming out of Yahoo! Personals...
  • Speaking of students here is a great opportunity for bloggers to turn their typing into money for college as a Yahoo! Intern.
  • It also looks like we should expect some better Yahoo! services on our mobile phones in the future with this posting.

#6 -

  • One of the Silicon Skeeter's most favorite companies, is going to get a little bit safer to work at it appears. A couple of other openings for safety minded folks will hopefully keep the books on the conveyer belts so they don't fall off and hurt anyone. That sounds good to me since I don't need an actual ear to accompany my books on Van Gough...
  • Sometimes you have to wonder who thinks up these names. Amazon Mechanical Turk. What is really interesting is that it calls for "artificial artificial intelligence". I always thought that artificial was pretty equivalent to the word fake. So if this is fake fake intelligence do they cancel each other out and just become... "Gasp!" real intelligence? Just what are those guys up to at Amazon? After just seeing the classic B-movie, "The Brain that wouldn't die" it just conjures up images of the Amazonians creeping in under the cover of night to the cryogenic facilities that house Walt Disney's body and hooking his frozen brain up to some electrodes. Close your eyes Mickey....

Ok, that’s enough for this installment. Till next time.